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About Us

"I'm not getting dressed today! Everything itches! These underwear don't feel good!" Does this sound familiar to you?

Do you struggle to find clothes your children will wear?

I did, and I was tired of the war of wills. My mornings with my children were chaotic and stressful simply because I had to argue with them to put on their clothes.

So I dove deeper, and discovered that my children were not getting dressed for a reason. They were right!

Most of their clothing really did bother their skin.

The clothing they wore - even cotton - routinely made them uncomfortable. It even contributed to their eczema, and nothing we did made it any better. No amount of topical cream or allergy medication could make my kids feel any better in their clothing.

Meet Reid

Introducing Reid

Our Inspiration

Crann Apparel was inspired by Reid and his eczema exacerbated by wearing polyester clothes. Without his voice and advocacy for clothing better suited for sensitive skin, we may never have started our business. Reid personally tests all of our products and gives us his honest feedback to ensure your kids will be comfortable too!

Introducing Rosie

Our Fashionista

Rosie has sensitive skin, but her primary focus and passion has always been fashion. She loves all things pink, ruffles, and twirls. She is an endless source of outfit ideas and creativity. She loves to draw new styles, assemble cute outfits, and accessorize. Her outfit combinations are featured on social media as Styled by Rosie.

Meet Rosie

Meet Steele

Introducing Steele

Our Comic Relief

Steele makes us smile even on the hardest days. You can find him photobombing, climbing walls, and playing with the sewing machine. He also makes cameo appearances on social media. You'll see more of Steele when he gets older. One of his first phrases was "I'm itchy".

Rather than continue to treat their symptoms, I embarked on a mission to address the cause of their discomfort - the clothing itself. I poured myself into the study of fashion and threads. After extensive research,

I discovered just how harmful the fashion industry is to our bodies and the environment.

Chemicals used to process fibers are known skin irritants.  A significant proportion of clothing is made from polyester - a petroleum-based plastic! No wonder getting dressed was so miserable. With a bit more effort, I discovered several natural, sustainable, and skin-friendly fabrics that could be the source of a potential solution. But to my dismay, I still could not find suitable clothing options utilizing these fabrics on the market.

Enter my grandmother's 1956 sewing machine, a few fabric samples, some thread, and a vision. I got right to work and within days was producing my first underwear prototypes. The process was experimental and the sewing was sloppy, but at last my children had soft, skin-friendly, sustainable underwear they loved to wear! Our mornings drastically improved! My son in particular was thrilled to put on his "mommy underwear" and proudly wear them to school without causing a fuss.

My son's happiness was all it took.

Crann Apparel was born.

Our family-owned and operated business strives to provide high-quality sustainable children's clothing. Our lines of underwear, t-shirts, and other basics to come are designed to be comfortable, stylish, and durable. Welcome to Crann Apparel, where the clothing is better for you and better for the earth.     

Product Feature


My son has eczema, and these t shirt are his favorite. The fabric is incredibly soft and feels good when his skin is itchy. He would wear them everyday if I was able to do laundry fast enough.

Annah Mother


With the softest basics for the most sensitive skin.



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