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5 Reasons Crann Apparel is Better for Your Kids

5 Reasons Crann Apparel is Better for Your Kids

Our motto is "Better for you. Better for the Earth." Today we are sharing why Crann Apparel is Better for You. Our clothing has been tested by our children, both of whom have horribly sensitive skin, and I am here to tell you that Crann Apparel's underwear and t-shirts are the BEST for kids with eczema. Here's why...

1. Natural fibers

Our t-shirts and underwear are made with an optimal blend of TENCEL™ Lyocell and organic cotton. This fabric is ultra-soft and plant-based, meaning that it is gentle on skin.

2. No harmful dyes

Our fabrics are Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 Certified. This means that our t-shirts and underwear are free of chemicals known to cause health problems.

3. No tags, zippers, buttons, or exposed elastic

For children with sensitive skin or other sensory issues, extras like neckline tags, zippers, buttons, and exposed elastic can ruin the experience of wearing clothes (and the day!). You won't find any of these potentially irritating accessories on Crann Apparel's t-shirts or underwear - just smooth seams and buttery soft threads.

4. High quality and durable

Did you know stuff made from plants can also be super strong? It's true! Simply put, Crann Apparel's t-shirts and underwear are made to last, and designed to withstand kid-level wear and tear. With school, camp, and sports, our kids have absolutely punished their Crann clothes. Even so, we have found no holes, rips, tears, or evidence of thinning. Crann clothes are definitely "kid strong"!  

5. Timeless styles

Our t-shirt and underwear designs are timeless classics. They'll never go out of style. Even better, they'll help make mornings easier by simplifying the process of getting dressed. Kids can easily pair Crann t-shirts with their favorite pants, shorts, sweats, dresses, or skirts. Wait... you mean getting dressed can be fun for kids?! Yes, at Crann we can help make that happen.



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