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Crann Apparel is proud to be a contributing member of 1% for the Planet, a global non-profit organization dedicated to addressing the world's most pressing envionrmental challenges. With every sale, Crann Apparel donates one percent of proceeds to this cause to fund critical initiatives tackling deforestation, pollution, climate change, and other environmental crises. This is but one way Crann Apparel stands behind its commitment to sustainability. We pledge one percent of our sales for the planet whether we are profitable or not.


We have been dealing with my son's eczema for years. His skin is super sensitive and easily irritated. Once he potty trained, every pair of underwear we tried left a rash that would get bad enough to keep him up at night. Since we switched him to Crann Apparel, his eczema in this area has cleared up completely. Its been a game changer for us! They are incredibly soft, durable, and the sustainability is a huge bonus. Hoping they come out with adult sizes soon!

-Bethany, nurse and mother of two


My very picky toddler has a lot of opinions about everything, including undies. He loved these right out of the package, and wanted to model them immediately. They are easy for him to put on himself, and the soft, tag-free fabric is a winner. Highly recommend. We can't wait until there are more patterns and products to pick from, but until then our toddler is excited his color matched dad's boxers!

- Nicole, Nurse Practitioner and mother of two


I am a smallish 32-year-old physical education teacher and hobby farmer who bought an XL pair that fits like a men's small. I was looking for something that was both comfortable and durable, and so far these have done the trick. I love that these underwear are created sustainably and with environmentally friendly practices. I plan on purchasing another pair. Highly recommend!

- Logan, teacher, hobby farmer and father of three

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